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Halloween Update

That’s right people! It’s Halloween Time, and that means a HUGE Update!

Experience the AMAZING New Features in game! And Guess What! THERE’S SO MANY!

Look at the images below! Or Experience it your self in game!

Halloween Update

+ Added new GKits to GKit Key
+ Token/Treasure/Money/Halloween/Miner Pet Added
+ Halloween Crate Key Added [Limited Edition]
+ Halloween Crate Added [Limited Edition]
+ Halloween GKit Added
+ Olympian GKit Added
+ Gambler GKit Added
+ Halloween Key added to Mines
+ Sell/Token Boosters Added
+ New Treasure Rewards
+ Maintenance Mode Added
+/- Finished Quests
+/- Nerfed Kronos
+/- Increased Rewards for #1 & #2 Winners in boss fights
+/- Halloween Theme Implemented
+/- New Mob/Crop Hopper System Implemented
+/- New GKit Layout/Look Implemented
– Scavenger GKit Removed
– Removed One Hit Enchant
– Removed Mob Heads

TESTS/BETA • New Balance of Treasures in Mines

Here is a link to all photos on the update:

Please join us on the server and on discord
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